Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chi-Square and Linear Model Connectors

The current software implementation of Vilno Table has just two syntax connectors (at the moment): the chi-square connector and the linear model connector. Recall that summary statistics (N, %, median, etc.) do not need such connectors. (The extern-syntax connector(for rare procedures) is not yet operational.)

Consider briefly the implications of the chi-square connector and the linear model connector. The chi-square procedure is (just barely) more advanced than a summary statistic. But the structure of the output data is very simple. So the small code module that is the chi-square connector is simple and small. Other procedures that are just barely more complex than a summary statistic (Fisher's exact, t-test, etc.) will only require a connector module that is quite similar to the chi-square connector.

The linear model connector is quite different - it's a proof of concept (like the New York song: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere). The structure of the output data from a linear model procedure is nuanced. This means that if I can write a fully functional and correct syntax connector for the linear model (which I have already done in the current software version), then it is very plausible to do so for any statistical procedure: mixed model, factor analysis, survival analysis, etc.

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